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Paul is a Microbiologist who has diversified over his career into supporting clients with understanding of water control strategies, water sampling strategies along with consultancy support of specialist advisory services. These services have included membership of Water Safety Groups, shaping water safety plans [policy and operational control plans]. All of which reflect the offering of our Authorising Engineer (Water).
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Sampling process 2: Water sampling technique & chain of custody
Last week we looked at the planning process required before any samples are taken. This week we get down to the ‘nuts and bolts’ of bottle filling…
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Considerations when creating a water sampling strategy
Sampling of water systems for legionella, Pseudomonas aeruginosa or bacteriological can be somewhat daunting, thoughts of ‘do I need to sample’, ‘how to take a sample’ and ‘where do I need to send...
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Jargon Buster – A glossary of terms explained…
Jargon buster – phrases and acronyms such as ‘WSP’, ‘Written Scheme’, RP & AP and Water Safety Group, what do they all mean? In this blog, we explain some of the more popular phrases and acronyms...
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Cooling towers high inherent risk
Disneyland Anaheim JAE C, HONG AP In November 2017 various cases of Legionnaires' Disease were reported in California, possibly linked to Disney. Cases like this serve as a reminder of the issues...
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