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Craig joins us after several years of experience in the water hygiene industry, from starting as a Water Hygiene Technician back in 2006 to most recently acting as a Director in a Legionella Consultancy.   He has previously acted as an independent consultant bridging the gap between clients and their sub contractors to ensure that work is being delivered correctly and compliance is achieved, this includes developing water safety plans and delivering suitable and sufficient training.
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Is Legionella testing a legal requirement?
  We regularly get calls and messages from people asking if we can do ‘legionella testing’ for them. Sometimes it becomes apparent that they aren’t sure what they are actually asking for, or why!
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Management of Water Systems in Dental Practices
Management of Water Systems in Dental Practices – what has Covid-19 changed? A lot of technical guidance has been written about the management of water within the different systems fitted in...
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Post Lockdown Reoccupation of Properties
  Recently we published our advice 'Water management considerations during the lock-down period [COVID-19 precautions]' which was designed to give advice whilst we are in the lockdown. In this...
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