Download the FREE case study:  Training Needs - The Success That Comes With Getting It Right

Posted by Daniel Pitcher on Jan 9, 2019 10:00:58 AM

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Case Study:  Training Needs - The Success That Comes With Getting It Right! 

When it comes to water risk management, it is vital to ensure those appointed to monitor and assess the safety are sufficiently trained and can effectively identify hazards such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa contamination. With professional and expert training comes success in maintaining the water safety in your organisation, as we have seen in Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. 

Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have managed their water safety risk through a well-established Water Safety Group over the past few years and in 2015 they appointed Water Hygiene Centre's Daniel Pitcher to review their current water safety arrangements. After an initial review it became clear that there were some issues that lead to positive counts of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, which was ultimately the result of insufficient training. Water Hygiene Centre put together a plan of action with the aim of improving the water risk management and ensuring safety levels were significantly increased. 

In this case study you will develop your understanding of how important effective training is and benefits that can arise as well as the risks that can be minimised. Simply click on the button at the bottom of this blog to download the case study document as a PDF.

Contents of the case study: 

  • The challenges and issues for Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust due to lack of effective training

  • The solution identified and the outcomes

  • A summary of the importance of training and how it leads to success in water risk management

  • Information about Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

  • Access to our free risk assessment review tool



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