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‘Deep down in the undergrowth of your garden’ is there Legionella…
In today’s world people are trying to save money, lead healthier lifestyles, eat healthier foods and be more active. Many people take pride in their gardens and use gardening to help with...
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Legionella Risk Assessment – The new British Standard – does yours “comply”?
In January 2019, BSI Standards Limited released the new, updated ‘BS 8580-1:2019 Water Quality – Risk Assessments for Legionella Control – Code of Practice’. This blog is designed to help the duty...
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Are Sentinel Points Driving You Loopy?
2014 saw the publication of ‘HSG274 - Part 2’  by the HSE, which introduced a slightly different way of monitoring hot water systems.
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How your current risk assessment could land you in ‘hot water’…
  In this blog we discuss the ‘Legionella risk assessment’ and whether it is suitable to comply with regulations.
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What makes a good Risk Assessor?
It is all well and good commissioning an external service provider to complete your risk assessments, but have you ever considered those persons, the ‘risk assessors’, who will be looking at your...
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Legionellosis Risk Assessment League Table – Where Do You Stand?
One question our consultants are continuously asked by clients is “How are we compared to other organisations?” Over the past few years, the Water Hygiene Centre has carried out thousands of ...
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