Legionella training for schools…key considerations for good water management

5 Step Guide to Legionella Risk Management for Education Estates Managers

Hotelier says ‘I’ve got my legionella risk assessment completed, that’s it’

Private Finance Initiative - How does it work?

Legionella & School Holidays – What Should I Do?

Authorising Engineer [Water] - Friend or Foe, Part 2

Authorising Engineer [Water] - Friend or Foe, Part 1

The Independent Audit

TMVs; why are they used and what strategy should be adopted for their installation?

‘Keeping Cool’ – Legionella, the Summer risk…

What's wrong with this photo?

Legionella in Hotels – Everything you need to know

The Hidden Dangers in Hotel Water Systems

Management of dead legs and blind ends in water distribution systems.

“In the summer time when the weather is fine….”

Is there a Legionella risk in Hotels?

Why Go Green? The Benefits of an Environmental Management System

Top Five Ways to Tackle Legionnaires’ Disease in Hotels & other Tourist Accommodation

‘Deep down in the undergrowth of your garden’ is there Legionella…

‘Quick’, ‘quick’! There is something very obviously wrong here….

15-Point Plan for Reducing the Risk from Legionella in Tourist Accommodation

TVC testing explained and how applicable it is to take a TVC sample?

‘New Authorising Engineer [Water] for the Water Hygiene Centre!’

Legionella Risk Assessment – The new British Standard – does yours “comply”?

Frequently asked questions around water hygiene and waterborne pathogens

Controlling the Chain of Infection

Spa Pools - Managing Waterborne Bacteria

Can you spot the issue?

Hotel Guest Died After Contracting Legionnaires' Disease in Ludlow Hotel - Update!

The Water Hygiene Centre turns 10!

The importance of Legionella training for hotel workers

I have a Pseudomonas aeruginosa count – what next?

Download the FREE case study:  Training Needs - The Success That Comes With Getting It Right

Legionella Risk Assessments for Hospitality & Leisure – Part 2

Christmas Competition - Win a place on our Legionnaires' Disease Management & Technical Training

Legionella Risk Assessments for Hospitality & Leisure – Part 1

Are Sentinel Points Driving You Loopy?

The Control of Legionella in Care Homes

Download the FREE case study:  An engineering risk assessment minimises the risk of Pseudomonas aeruginosa contamination and saves lives.

Guide to Records & Record Keeping for Water Safety

Hidden Issues

Who can be appointed as an RP, DRP, AP or CP?

Pseudomonas Sampling

Download the FREE Case Study: A new approach to assessing the need for completing legionella risk assessments.

All about Legionella Risk Assessments

The Water Safety Group, explained…

Legionella Control for Housing

I have a positive Legionella count - What do i do?

‘Checking in… time to check out Legionnaires’ disease' - Hotels and the risk of Legionnaires’ disease [LD]

What's wrong with this photo?

Temperature Monitoring

How to control Legionella – Part 2: the risks and the options…

How to control Legionella - Part 1: the risks and the options…

Legionella Sampling

Approved Materials & Individuals Competency

Water Coolers in Healthcare Environments

Developing a ‘plan’ for controlling the risk of Legionnaires’ Disease

Flushing Little Used Water Outlets

CDC Report on Pool Water Outbreaks

Legionella Risk Assessments Explained…

Responsible Person – are you competent enough?

HSE Legionella Inspector highlights the need for “accurate knowledge of water systems”

How your current risk assessment could land you in ‘hot water’…

Five tips for Water Safety

How to manage my little used outlet?

What makes a good Risk Assessor?

Free Drinking Water Refills to Reduce Plastic Waste - How will this affect you?

Water Risk Assessment Review Tool (Free Download)

Legionella News: Yet another HSE investigation in to cases of Legionnaires' disease!

Sampling processes - Part 3. Testing methods and what happens next.

Sampling processes - Part 2. Water sampling technique & chain of custody.

Sampling processes - Part 1. Considerations when formulating a water sampling rationale & strategy.

Microbiology Made Easy, Part 2 - TVCs

Microbiology Made Easy, Part 1 - TVCs

Jargon Buster – A glossary of terms explained…

What is an Authorising Engineer?

Cooling towers high inherent risk

Biofilms – Part 2 - How to tackle Biofilm

Biofilms – Part 1 – What is Biofilm?

Legionellosis Risk Assessment League Table – Where Do You Stand?

Public Health England - Legionnaires' Disease surveillance report – monthly highlight (September 2017)

Tools to improve water hygiene in your hospital

7 Deadly Sins of Water Hygiene Risk Assessments

Risks of not completing a Legionella Risk Assessment at the right time

Water Hygiene Tips for the control of waterborne pathogens in healthcare organisations

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Paul Limbrick, as Senior Consultant/Authorising Engineer (Water).

Consequences of Insufficient Legionella Training

Legionella Risk Assessment Frequency: How Regularly is Regularly?

We have moved!

The Hidden Dangers in Hospital Water Systems

Where does my Legionella Risk Assessment fit into my Water Safety Plan?

Hot Water Risk Assessment - What You Should Know  To Ensure Safety

Guide to Water Safety For Healthcare Organisations (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Water Safety: an Overview for those Responsible in Healthcare Organisations

Legionella Management and Control in Summer

Roundup on the Recent Media Spotlight on Legionella

Water Safety Audits: the What, the Who and the Why

What a Legionnaires' Disease Risk Assessment Must Include

Key Considerations: Hospital Water Risk Assessments

The Importance of Separating Water Safety Risk Assessments From Remedial Work in Hospitals

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